How To Unstake

1. Connect your wallet by clicking 'Connect Wallet'.

2. Enter the amount of mALGOs you would like to unstake. You will see the corresponding amount of ALGOs you will receive based on the the current mALGO/ALGO ratio in the pool. Just be aware that if you unstake before the Algorand Governance Rewards are released and added to the pool, you will miss out on that yield.

What is 'Holding Amount'? When an unstaking request is made, the details are stored in the contract. Thus, the minimum balance of the smart contract increases, which is covered by the holding amount you see here. Once the request is completed and claimed, the details are removed from the contract and the holding amount is released back to you, together with the unstaked amount.

3. Click 'Request To Unstake'.

4. Review your transaction details and click 'Confirm' to proceed.

5. When your request has been successfully submitted, you will see this success screen.

6. Please kindly wait for your ALGOs to be unstaked and ready for claim. This may take up to 6 hours depending on the amount you have requested and our unstaking request volume. You can check in at any point in time, simply connect your wallet to view the status.

7. Once your request has been processed, the claim button will appear. Review the transaction details and click 'Claim'.

8. When the transaction is successfully completed, you will see this success screen and you will receive the stated amount of ALGOs in your connected wallet.

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