FAQs on NFT Bridging

How does the Messina.one NFT Bridge work?

Original NFTs will first be locked on the source chain and a copy of it will be minted at the destination chain. Subsequently, if the NFT copy is bridged to other chains, that copy will be burned and re-minted on the new destination chain.

NFTs that adopt the Messina.one’s standard will be burned at the source chain and minted on the destination chain instead.

What's the difference between Messina.one's NFT standard and others?

Messina.one’s NFT standard ensures that newly minted NFTs only exist on one chain at any given time. Non-Messina.one’s standard NFTs will have the original NFT locked on the source chain, and one copy minted on the destination chain.

What are the fees for Messina.one NFT Bridge?

An amount of 0.01 in native token will be taken as a fee for bridging NFTs on Messina.one, excluding network/gas fees. Eg. 0.01 MATIC

What chains can I bridge my NFTs on?

At the moment, Messina.one only supports NFT bridging between Cronos and Polygon.

What happens if I don’t receive my NFTs after bridging?

If you don’t receive your NFTs after bridging, it could be due to one of the scenarios below:

  1. Bridging did not go through so your NFT remains untouched. Please check your wallet transaction page to view your transaction history. If your transaction cannot be found, it was likely not initiated at all.

  2. Bridging went through only on the source chain. Visit the Bridge page and click on “Resume Bridging” to resume the affected transaction. Click here to find out how to obtain your transaction hash.

  3. Bridging was successful but the asset may need to be added to your wallet for it to be visible.

If you believe your NFT is missing, please create a support ticket on Discord.

My bridging session was interrupted / has failed, what should I do?

If you still have your session page open, copy the transaction hash on screen. Then, click here to resume your bridging. If your session has closed and you need help retrieving your transaction hash, learn how to do so here. For more assistance, do not hesitate to create a support ticket on Discord.

Why is my NFT bridging from the Polygon network taking longer than expected?

For security, transactions on Polygon require 512 block confirmations, which may lead to processing time of up to 20-30 minutes. Under certain network conditions, this duration may be extended. If you have waited over 45 minutes and still have not received your funds or are unable to resume bridging, please create a support ticket on Discord.

Will there be other blockchains available in the future?

More chains will be added if there are sufficient demand for it. Let us know if want to see any new chains!

Where can I report bugs and receive support?

For bug reports and troubleshooting, please contact hello@messina.one or create a support ticket on Discord. We appreciate any feedback and technical reports from our users. All advice will be taken seriously to help improve Messina.one NFT Bridge.

I have a question that isn't answered by the FAQ.

For any other feedback and/or general questions, you can contact us at hello@messina.one or message us on Twitter | Telegram | Discord.

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