How To Resume Bridging

In the event that the bridging process is interrupted, there is a method to resume where you left off.

To resume bridging, you need to have:

  • A pending/bridged transaction on the source chain.

  • The corresponding hash for that transaction.

If a transaction hash was not generated, it means no tokens/NFTs have been bridged.

Resuming Bridging Transaction

  1. If you still have your session page open, copy the transaction hash on screen. If your session has closed and you need help retrieving your transaction hash, learn how to do so depending on your source chain - From EVM or From Algorand.

  1. Once you have obtained your transaction hash, proceed back to the Bridge or NFT Bridge page and click "Resume Bridging".

  1. On the Resume Bridging screen, select the Source chain of the bridge transaction you want to resume and input the transaction hash obtained.

  1. Then, select the Destination chain and press "Connect Wallet" to resume this transaction.

Please note that you can claim on behalf by using a different wallet from the one you specified as the original receiver. Assets will still be the transferred to the original Destination wallet.

  1. Once that is done, press the "Resume Transaction" button and you will be directed to the claim page to complete the bridging transaction.

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