FAQs on Token Bridging

Can I send tokens without connecting a wallet?

Unfortunately, you cannot send any tokens without connecting a wallet on the source chain. In most cases, you will need to connect wallets on both sides. For certain tokens, there is a Relay function which can send the tokens to a recipient wallet address without connecting the destination wallet.

What are the fees for Messina.one Bridge?

Depending on the token sent, a bridge fee may be applicable for each transaction (refer here for more details). Network/gas fees include:

  • The source chain gas fee.

  • The destination chain gas fee.

These are fees the chain charges to process transactions and may vary depending on the chain.

How long does a bridge transaction take in general?

Bridging speed depends on the source and destination chain, the number of active transactions made at that time, etc. This may take up to a few minutes, so some time might be needed to allow the transaction to go through. Once the transaction is verified and confirmed, the bridged assets will be available in the recipient’s wallet.

What happens if I didn’t receive my tokens after bridging?

If you don’t receive your tokens after bridging, it could be due to one of the scenarios below:

  1. Bridging did not go through so the tokens weren’t deducted. Please check your wallet transaction page to view your transaction history. If your transaction cannot be found, it was likely not initiated at all.

  2. Bridging went through only on the source chain. Visit the Bridge page and click on “Resume Bridging” to resume the affected transaction. Click here to find out how to obtain your transaction hash.

  3. Bridging was successful but the asset may need to be added to your wallet for it to be visible.

If you believe your funds are missing, please create a support ticket on Discord.

My bridging session was interrupted / has failed, what should I do?

If you still have your session page open, copy the transaction hash on screen. Then, click here to resume your bridging. If your session has closed and you need help retrieving your transaction hash, learn how to do so here. For more assistance, do not hesitate to create a support ticket on Discord.

Why is my fund transfer from the Polygon network taking longer than expected?

For security, transactions on Polygon require 512 block confirmations, which may lead to processing time of up to 20-30 minutes. Under certain network conditions, this duration may be extended. If you have waited over 45 minutes and still have not received your funds or are unable to resume bridging, please create a support ticket on Discord.

Will there be other blockchains available in the future?

Yes. We will keep the community updated on our latest developments, make sure to join our social media channels to stay informed.

How to register / list a token?

To list a token on Messina.one's Bridge, please fill in this form. We are a curated bridge so new token registration will be screened by us before being listed.

Where can I report bugs and receive support?

For bug reports and troubleshooting, please create a support ticket on Discord or contact hello@messina.one. We appreciate any feedback and technical reports from our users. All advice will be taken seriously to help improve Messina.one Bridge.

I have a question that isn't answered by the FAQ.

For any other feedback and/or general questions, you can contact us at hello@messina.one or message us on Twitter | Telegram | Discord.

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