How To Stake

1. Connect your wallet by clicking 'Connect Wallet'.

2. Enter the amount you would like to stake. You will see the corresponding amount of mALGOs you will receive based on the the current mALGO/ALGO ratio in the pool.

3. Click the checkbox to acknowledge that you have understood our T&Cs. Once ready, click 'Stake'.

Do I need to opt-in to the mALGO ASA token? There is no need to. We will automatically detect if you have not already opted-in to mALGO and an opt-in transaction will be included within an atomic so it is seamlessly done in the background.

4. Review your transaction details and click 'Confirm' to proceed.

5. When you have staked successfully, you will see this success screen and you will receive the stated amount of mALGOs in your connected wallet.

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