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Real game-changers occur when we engage in disruptive innovation and create products once considered impossible.
Our vision is to make interoperability between multiple blockchains a reality.
Therefore, it is of critical importance that new and more secure approaches to bridging are developed. We pay tribute to the bridge that raised doubts and debates over a century by building the impossible “Messina Bridge” in the blockchain space called

What is a Blockchain Bridge?

A blockchain bridge, otherwise known as a cross-chain bridge, connects two blockchains and allows users to send data and assets from one chain to the other. Basically, if you have ALGO but want to use it on EVM blockchains, you can send your ALGO tokens there via a bridge.
One of the many challenges in blockchain technology is interoperability. While fluid and somewhat efficient as single entities, each blockchain is limited by the walls of its own domain.
Bridges serve as neutral zones to solve this problem by enabling token transfers between different blockchains. By allowing users to easily access and port assets across multiple blockchains, bridges open up a new world of possibilities.

Trust-based vs Trustless Blockchain Bridges

Trust-based Bridges

  • Generally, these bridges are centralized. This means that users must trust the entity operating the bridge.
  • Users are giving control of their assets to a custodian in order to convert the tokens to a wrapped version of the asset on a different chain.

Trustless Bridges

  • With a trustless bridge, users are not required to give control of their assets to a custodian at any point. If they are not burned, assets are held in a smart contract and there is NO central entity that is holding custody of these assets or controlling how these transactions are being processed.


We firmly believe blockchain interoperability is the future and Algorand will be a pillar of the digital economy. We are creating scalable infrastructure to serve the Algorand ecosystem using advanced cryptography so that decentralized apps can transport liquidity and data seamlessly. We are honored to be a recipient of the Algorand Foundation's SupaGrant to build enables non-custodial interactions between Algorand and Ethereum that are trust-minimized and secured entirely through cryptography.
The ALGO — ETH two-way bridge will be the first bridge to be launched on Hard on the heels of Algorand’s push for EVM compatibility,'s Bridge will open the doors for interoperability between ERC-20 tokens with the world’s GREENEST blockchain, providing more opportunities for the development of complex DeFi use cases and value chains. In the future, we will be adding bridges to other blockchains. Stay informed on-the-go by following our social channels: Twitter | Telegram | Discord